• Rental of Mandap and other furniture
      Choice of Sankheda Mandap (White & Gold or Maroon & Gold)
      2 matching Royal Chairs
      2 matching Parents Chairs
      4 Decorated Choris (Kalash)
      2 Bajots & 2 Patlas
      1 Havankund
      1 Backdrop
      Different types of traditional silk flower torans (garlands), or floral arrangements and other mirror and bead decorations
  • Rental of Aisle way Decorations
      Decorated Arch
      Red Carpet
      Silk Flower arrangements on the pedestals
      Decorated ' Welcome' statues
  • Stage Decoration for Reception
      Choice of Beautiful Backdrops
      Head Table, Cake Table and Gift Table Decoration
      Netting on the Head Table, Cake Table and Gift Table matching your color scheme
  • Fresh Flower Decorations
      Floral arrangements for Mandap, Pedestals, Columns, Arches, Head Table, Cake Table and Gift Table
  • Other Services
      Car Decoration
      Horse Decoration
      Honeymoon Suite Decoration
      Engagement Party Decoration
      Anniversary Party Decoration
      Social and Cultural Shows Decoration
      Rental of Decoration Furniture